ELMYRA (legacy)

Digital/analog hybrid platform for sonic exploration

This version of Elmyra is now a legacy product and no longer in production. The successor is Elmyra 2.

Elmyra is a digital/analog hybrid drone synthesizer and platform for sonic exploration inspired by the widely beloved Lyra-8. The 10-bit audio resolution of its oscillators gives it a wonderfully gritty sound, and the analog distortion circuit adds some nasty bite to it. Its delay can sculpt the sound into lush dronescapes or brain-melting feedback explosions. Elmyra can be played using the metal touch pads or put in drone mode, and there’s also a sequencer and audio input.

Available in black/gold or white/silver, the synth runs on USB power and you can easily build it yourself from a full DIY kit or buy an assembled one.

This version of Elmyra is now a legacy product and no longer in production. The successor is Elmyra 2.

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Reviewers are saying:

"... the real joy begins when you start playing the Elmyra and find some elements that you missed on the Elmyra‘s paragon, the Soma Lyra-8. Unlike the Lyra, the Elmyra has a filter and can be set so that the three oscillators are always tuned to a scale (well, sort of, at least). I am considering getting a second one." (via Tindie)

"... Neutral Labs has made a successful debut in the world of drone synthesizers. Although the concept is based on the Soma Lyra-8, the Elmyra is independent and not just because it is digital. [...] Of the four different drone synthesizers in my possession (Lyra-8, King Drone, Krischer M8 and Elmyra), the Elmyra is the most successful next to the much more expensive Lyra-8." (via Amazona)

"Amazing companion to my Lyra. Also an excellent stand alone device." (via Etsy)

"Good workmanship, all potentiometers are screwed to the front panel. [...] The sound spectrum is quite large, so power noise is no problem either. [...] Fortunately, using the Elmyra is not too complex, so that it's wonderful for live performances." (via Amazona)

"I am also a proud and completely satisfied owner of an Elmyra. [...] The assembly is quick and operating it is very intuitive from my point of view. [...] Elmyra 'screeches' into the heart of the drone lover from the start!" (via Amazona)

"Amazing little machine. I constructed the kit which for a beginner was relatively easy and Neutral Labs were very responsive with answering any questions I had. Looks great, plays great and will fit in nicely into my setup. Many thanks." (via Etsy)